So, I lived through the frozen tundra Winter Beach Run yesterday. It started out at about a 29 degree wind chill and 30 MPH winds. Once I got running it didn’t seem so bad. There were some snow flurries that were very visible, but nothing that would stick to the ground.
The race was 10 miles. The course is out-and-back on the beach at low tide. The race began heading north. The 10-mile course is 2.5 miles north, five miles south and 2.5 miles north to finish. I didn’t mind starting out running 2.5 miles north with the wind blowing into my face. It gave me a straight 5-mile stretch with the wind at my back. The only downside to that is the last 2.5 were also into the wind, and it hurt after running 7.5 miles.
The course was flat and the sand was packed pretty hard so there was no issue with my feet sinking into the sand. There were a few spots that were wet, but my feet stayed mostly dry and it didn’t effect me.
The starting line was about 50 yards wide, so there was no issue with being cramped at the start. We were able to use the entire beach as the course. Plenty of room to run.
I finished pretty well on time. Overall I was about 15 minutes faster than I predicted and about 8 minutes faster than my previous PR.