This past week I was in Orlando for a seminar. I figured I was way too close to Walt Disney World to pass up an opportunity to stop by. I had no real plan other than just wander around the Magic Kingdom.

I quickly jumped on the My Disney Experience app and booked some fast passes. If you are ever on a solo trip to WDW you will find that getting fast passes for rides you usually can’t at the last-minute is much easier with a part of 1. I was able to score a fast pass, for one, for Mine Train, Peter Pan, and Wishes. But, enough about fast passes and on to the main topic, The Skipper Canteen.

So, the Skipper Canteen. The newest table service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. There are a ton of reviews out there on this restaurant with some saying it’s great and some say it’s not so great. I have been kind enough to link a couple posts from friends at the bottom so you can have other ideas of what people think.

On to my review. It was great. Mostly. I was there on a Wednesday in February so it was a lower crowd. In all reality it was quite crowded that day. Regardless, when I walked up to the hostess and asked for a table for 1, NO WAIT!! Most reviews I have read said they waited anywhere form 20 minutes to an hour and a half. Apparently they will text you when your table is ready if there is a wait. I did not need this service since I was seated right away.

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I started out in the outdoor waiting area until my name was called, about 3 minutes later I had a skipper taking me to my table and I was able to meet their biggest fan. The restaurant was dead. Lots of skippers standing around with nothing to do. I was seated and told that my skipper would be with me shortly.

I was seated right near the entrance to the kitchen and it was also the skipper hang out, I am guessing. The entire time I was there I had a handful of skippers just standing there, over my shoulder, doing nothing. The head skipper came by a couple of times and sent them away, but they always migrated right back to that spot. It was a little annoying. Probably not a usual situation when they are busy.

Once I was seated is when the service kind of went down. Many skippers walked by me, but none stopped to take my drink order. It was about 5 minutes before my skipper showed up. Five minutes don’t seem like a long time, but when you see 15 skippers standing around doing nothing it makes me wonder what’s going on. Once she showed up and took my drink order everything else was pretty quick.

2016-02-10 15.47.07-1

My skipper spent about 3 minutes talking to me about the menu and what she liked and recommended. I always wonder if it is what they really like or if it is what they are told to sell. Everything she recommended just happened to be the most expensive on the menu. After the long explanation I decided to order water, no lemon of course. It went on to her asking if I wanted bottled water or “back side” water with parasites. I chose “back side” water.

2016-02-10 16.05.54

As I was receiving my water I was also getting some Ambasha bread with honey. The bread was somewhat hard on the outside and a little softer on the inside. I can see why some would consider it stale. I love bread in almost any form and this was no exception. The bread was wonderful and the honey to dip was even better. It was almost like having dessert first.

2016-02-10 15.57.49

Once I received my bread and water, like I’m in prison, I opted for an appetizer. I usually shy away from an appetizer so I don’t spoil my meal, but I was by myself and I love hummus so I went for it. I decided to order the Falls Family Falafels. These were basically fried hummus balls. They came on a white bean dip and tomato cucumber salad. It was definitely more than one person should eat as an appetizer, but I was by myself and didn’t want to be wasteful. I ATE IT ALL!! It was very good. I think they could have given more of the bean dip and tomato cucumber salad, and I am sure they would have brought me more if I would have asked. The falafel appetizer was $8.

2016-02-10 16.02.56

2016-02-10 16.03.37

2016-02-10 16.04.12

For my entrée I chose to order the Char Siu Pork with Chinese broccoli and five grain rice. The broccoli was more like spinach on a stalk so I was not a huge fan. The five grain rice was very good and the pork was some of the best I have ever had. It was very tender and tasted wonderful. This entrée was $23.

2016-02-10 16.12.53

Now for the decor. It was ok. I was not super impressed. I later learned that there are other dining rooms in the building that I did not see. My first though walking in was “this is small”, but I missed the additional rooms. There were plenty of Jungle Cruise artifacts to look and it was pleasant, but not anywhere near my excitement walking into Be Our Guest restaurant.

2016-02-10 15.47.20

2016-02-10 15.47.14


My overall experience was good. I thought the prices were a little high, but they are on par with other WDW table service so you can take that for what it’s worth. The head skipper stopped by my table a couple of times to see how everything was. I think I received a little extra attention because the skippers were bored. I would have to go on a busy night to see if they’re still that attentive. The meal of water, bread, falafel, and pork came to a little over $33 which is pricey for lunch for 1 person, but it is Walt Disney World. You have to expect to pay a lot more than is reasonable.

2016-02-10 15.50.26

2016-02-10 15.50.23

I will not choose to dine here again on my own, but if someone I am with really wanted to eat at the Skipper Canteen I would not say no. Mostly because I am cheap.

Here are two reviews form friends. Hopefully they will help you make up your mind to dine or skip this restaurant.

Skipper Canteen – really average

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