Star Wars Fireworks Dessert Party

Dave Hodges, Blogger, Podcaster, Travel Expert

08 April 2017

Fireworks dessert parties. There everywhere at Walt Disney World. This post will run down my pros and cons of the Star Wars Fireworks dessert party.

It’s been a while since I did this dessert party, but from what I hear there’s not much difference between now and 6 months ago. I don’t usually spend the extra money on things like this, but I just happened to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios by myself and figured I might as well check it out. So, here’s my thoughts.


Cost – I will say right off the bat that it was not worth it… for me. At over $70 for one person, I didn’t feel that I got my money’s worth. The dessert party crowded and there were a ton of kids screaming and running around with no supervision. I don’t have a problem with kids being anywhere, but I would at least like for the parents to watch them. I am pretty sure that a few of the kids made it a point to touch every dessert item on the little buffet. It seemed as if the parent figured it was their right to let their kids run wild because of how much they paid to get in. What did I actually get for the cost? Well, there were a lot of pastry options. They were pretty dry, but there was a large selection. There was also a ton of alcoholic beverages to choose from, but the non-alcoholic options were limited. If I were a big drinker I may have been able to drink $70 worth of alcohol, but i’m not and I really can’t eat $70 worth of pastries either. I think it comes down to how much can you eat and drink before you get sick to make it worth the money. For me, not enough.

Star Wars Dessert Party

Ewok Juice

Photograph by Dave Hodges

The location – As with all the viewing of fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is in front of the Chinese Theatre. I have a palm tree I like to stand by to watch the shows. This tree is farther back and a little off to the right. The dessert party is on the left side of the Chinese Theatre near the center walkway. The location is not bad, but it’s not any better than the free options. There’s not much to say about the location other than it did not enhance the experience so it was not worth paying extra for.

The atmosphere – It was a cold night, but other than the kids with no supervision everyone was pleasant. As I said before, the location was nothing special, but it seems a little more magical in the roped off area. This may be because I didn’t have to show up 3 hours early just to get a decent spot to view the fireworks. I also didn’t have to deal with people pushing in front of me to see the show. I said earlier that it was crowded, but not to the point where there was no room to move. I had my own little stand-up table and the tables were spread out a few feet from each other. The CMs were pleasant and I did not run into any overly rude guests.

Overall thoughts – It’s not worth the money. Since I started off with that statement I will elaborate a little. I try to put into perspective the amount of money that it costs Disney to put this on. There are salaries to pay not only for the CMs working the event but the ones behind the scenes like the pasty chefs. You are getting a “prime” location that is less crowded than the main viewing area and you are getting food and drink. This all costs Disney money. So, for me, it comes down to the amount of food I can eat and beverages I can drink. I have 1 alcoholic drink and 1 bottle of water. I also had 2 small plates of pastries (as seen in the photo). If I remember correctly, the cost was about $73 for the 2-hour event. Could I have spent that money somewhere else and gotten more value? Definitely. Will I ever spend that much on a dessert party again? Maybe. What I like to tell everyone who asks me if something is worth the cost at Disney I always have to ask them what are they trying to get out of the experience. It’s not the amount of money spent. It’s the amount of joy you get at the time and the memories you take with you forever. There is no way I can say this party was worth $73, but I can say that it may have been worth it if I spent $146 and had my wife or one of my kids with me. It’s all about perspective.

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